Oh, Monday

What is it about Mondays that mean they must be less that stellar?!

Is it a universal conspiracy?

Here are a few things that are making my Monday a l’il bit less than stellar…

  • My dress has a hole in it. In the bum. It’s a darn good thing I wore nylons today otherwise everyone would be looking at my underwear. I’ll be sure to remain in a seated position today. (Side note: is there anything more uncomfortable than having a stranger say “Your dress has a hole in the bum”?! I’m thankful she told me, but geeze!)
  • My favourite horse died in a competition this weekend. I found out in the elevator TV. My heart is heavy over this.
  • The office kitchen was out of mugs when I wanted to get myself a tea.
  • I feel like I have 8 million things to do this week, but all I want to do it nap.

As you can see, it’s nothing earth shattering. Today is just a blah Monday.

Now I have to figure out how to work for 6 more hours without anyone seeing my underpants…

One thought on “Oh, Monday

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