A long, long time ago: Vancouver Island

So remember a few months ago when I posted that colour coded calendar of the craziness of my summer and then didn’t post pictures and basically disappeared for the month of August?


I’m back.

Kind of.

I’m at least attempting to catch up on my crazypants weekends one at a time.


Six days after arriving home from Toronto, I once again packed my suitcase for a trip to Vancouver Island. You may remember that this wasn’t an entirely cheery trip, this was a trip made for my Grandma’s memorial after her passing at the beginning of July.

I flew into my hometown late Thursday night (after an hour flight delay after I had already arrived at the airport) and proceeded to go straight to bed.

In the morning I met up with one of my besties from high school and visited with her and her son before driving to my grandma’s house an hour away where we all stayed for the rest of the weekend.

Saturday was the memorial, my sister and I woke up and went for a wander through the cute market after breakfast.

After a quick wader it was time to drive to the beach to spread my grandma’s ashes in the Pacific Ocean.

Although we gathered for a sad reason, it’s always nice to see my dad’s side of the family. I even managed to convince my aunt to run in the half marathon 8k road race (since I really haven’t ran since the trip to Vancouver Island, I’m dropping down to the 8k – 5 days isn’t enough time to train!) in Victoria with my dad and I. Instead of bringing up the rear – I’ll finish early and meet them at the finish line – I’ll probably even have time to shower and change before they finish!

One thought on “A long, long time ago: Vancouver Island

  1. I love the Coombs market. My dad and I went there in April when we were down visiting my grandma in Parksville and my cousin and aunt in Nanaimo. We didn't see the goats but we saw two bunnies in the yard next door.

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