A long, long time ago: Hiking

So remember a few months ago when I posted that colour coded calendar of the craziness of my summer and then didn’t post pictures and basically disappeared for the month of August?


I’m back.

Kind of.

I’m at least attempting to catch up on my crazypants weekends one at a time.

Since I’ve already showed you how I packed for my 40 hour trip to Winnipeg, I’m moving on to the following weekend. (Not that I don’t think you’d be interested in pictures from my trip in Winnipeg, it’s just that most of my pictures are of family members giving speeches, so maybe you’ll see those eventually).

I arrived home from Winnipeg on Monday at 8am. My cousin flew from Winnipeg to Calgary (she was in Canada from Germany for 3 weeks) at noon on Thursday. (Note that I also started my new [and current] job on Tuesday at 8:30am).

I was able to find someone to take my place for my weekend job of marking papers, so The Cowboy and I were able to show her some bits and pieces of the city.

First up? Friday night dinner at Wurst a new (and delicious!) German restaurant in Calgary

Love the resoration hardware lights!

A line up of beer 🙂

Adorable decor

More bread please!

Oh, hello!

A Radler (aka – shandy)

Real bloggers take pictures in bathrooms

Cuckoo clocks

Cuckoo clocks

Totally awesome logo


Saturday morning we woke up early-ish and headed out to Lake Louise for a hike (FYI – a 7km round trip hike does not take 4hrs per the website) with plans of going to Banff for burgers (we also got ice cream after dinner. Hello 12 pounds that won’t go away) and a trip up the gondola.

Nothing like waiting 40 minutes due to an accident

And then waiting another hour due to construction

Hello me!


Lake Louise with the glacier in the background

1/4 of the way into the hike

Mirror Lake halfway there

Amazing views!

Finally! The waterfall

Lake at the Agnes Teahouse

Lake Louise ski hill

The Cowboy climbing hills for pictures

Macro flower!

Back past Mirror Lake

I ❤ ground squirrels

Chateau Fairmont Lake Louise

Finally! Some much needed beers!

Fairmont Banff Springs hotel from atop the gondola

Banff township

Hello sun

An almost grown up deer

My, what big ears you have!

Bow falls

Beautiful sky

Picture heavy post? Yes.

But definitely best conveyed via pictures.

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