My Favourite Part of Fall

If you guessed a PSL, you’re partly correct, but this is even more favourite – I think.

Want to know what my favourite part of fall is?




The Cowboy and I love TV.

I know I’m supposed to be all, “No, I don’t watch TV. I’d rather read a book, or exercise, or volunteer” but I truly love TV.

As life gets busier and busier I find myself cutting out more and more shows, but I do try to watch as many TV shows as I can squeeze into a week. this changes a bit come busy season as I’ll usually just record everything and spend a good day catching up on all the TV from the previous week.

This can get a bit annoying as The Cowboy will have already watched all the shows I want to watch and I then force him to watch them all again, but I firmly believe that’s his problem for watching them while I was working.

The few weeks between when SYTYCD ends and fall TV beings are torturous. The Cowboy and I are forced actually have conversations while eating dinner instead of being able to chill and watch TV. Then we have to communicate while cleaning the kitchen and washing dishes because there isn’t any TV to put on in the background.


Fall TV can’t come soon enough!

Here are the new and returning shows I’m looking forward to.


Gossip Girl

Image source

The CW has to be one of my most favourite TV networks. While I don’t always watch all of their shows, Monday nights have been pretty solid. Unfortunately, One Tree Hill (the final season!) won’t be returning right away.

Heart of Dixie

Image source

I absolutely adore Rachel Bilson. I loved her as Summer on The OC and I totally love that she’s back on TV! I’m not entirely confident that Heart of Dixie will last, but because it’s on the CW we’re definitely guaranteed at least one full season of it 🙂

House (the final season)

Image source

I’m not too sure how I feel about the final season of House lacking Lisa Cuddy, but I guess that’s what happens when ratings aren’t stellar in the preceding season and no one knows if the show will carry on. Regardless, I do quite love House and I’ll be sad to see it go.

Terra Nova

Image source

I’m convinced this show will either be totally awesome like Lost (although I still haven’t watched the last 3 season of Lost) or it will totally suck an only air 3 episodes and then die. It could go either way.



Image source

I know people weren’t totally in love with Glee Season 2, but I have high hopes for Season 3. As a relatively experienced TV watcher I’ve noticed that the second season is always super difficult. With such an amazing first season, it was nearly impossible to be as awesome in season 2. I truly cannot wait for season 3!


Image source

Confession: I didn’t watch the last 4 or 5 episodes of 90210 last year. I found it boring. I’m hoping the writers can pull out something good for this season otherwise this will be one of the first shows on my drop list.


Image source

SMG!!! I’m fairly certain the entire WORLD is happy that SMG is back on TV. Seriously. So. Pumped.

New Girl

Image source

I think Zooey Deschanel is pretty much the most adorable person evah! The Cowboy and I aren’t huge fans of sitcoms (we hate canned laughter) so I’m going to give this one a shot.


Up All Night

Image source

Again, we’re not big sitcom fans, but given the cast of this show, it’s certainly a contender for our one Wednesday night show. Looking on the TV guide fall schedule, Wednesday appears to be a pretty light night. This is good considering as my Tuesdays and Thursdays look like they might be pretty TV heavy. I hereby dub Wednesday “watch the Tuesday shows that I missed” night.


Vampire Diaries

Image source

There are so many, many things I love about this show. Stefan. Elaina. Everything. I’m so, so pumped. (have you noticed I’m pumped about a LOT of things?!)

The Secret Circle

Image source

I can’t say I’m entirely certain of the premise of this show yet. It almost looks like it’ll be somehow linked to The Vampire Diaries, but that could just be because they’re both fantasy shows and this follows. Either way, it’ll be watched 🙂

Charlie’s Angels

Image source

This is another of the new fall shows that I’m a bit undecided on. I’m way (way!) to young to remember the original Charlie’s Angels, but I have seen the (mediocre) movies and hope that the show will do better. With a pretty packed Thursday night, I’ll have to see if this one remains on my roster.

Grey’s Anatomy

Image source

The best Thursday night TV show. Ever. Ever ever ever ever ever. I LURVE this show. While Tova and I were shopping we heard the Grey’s Anatomy song and started longing for the show. Best. Show. Ever.

Want to hear a funny story? I didn’t start watching regularly until after Denny died. The Cowboy downloaded the seasons and made me watch them. I have to say, I’m glad he did 🙂



Image source

The Cowboy is definitely a bigger Nikita fan than I, but with the move to Friday nights it’s something I might actually watch. My guess is the CW doesn’t have high hopes for it lasting too much longer. Friday is a tough night. Personally, I’ll be catching up on Thursday’s shows or watching a movie with The Cowboy.

Confession: I like to go to bed at 8pm on Friday’s.



Image source

Thank goodness for time shifting that allows The Cowboy and I to watch SNL at 9:30pm instead of 12:30am. Truthfully, I only watch in the hopes of a JT sighting.



Image source

I’ve been a Christina Ricci fan since her Casper days, so I’m hoping this show does well. Sunday evenings are certainly in need of a new show, especially since Desperate Housewives won’t be returning after this season (I stopped watching 3 seasons ago).

Are you a TV junkie? What shows are you looking forward to?

5 thoughts on “My Favourite Part of Fall

  1. Haha yay a fellow tv junkie! It is the best form of entertainment and really doesn't cost too much extra.
    I started watching Grey's when Christina Ricci guest starred so a few months i guess before Denny died.

    I am excited about Terra Nova, I too hope it doesn't suck. Have you ever watched Big Bang theory? I know you said canned laughter sucks but this show is so funny!
    I am also looking forward to CSI, the original one. Ted Danson is on it and I am hoping this season will be better then when Lawrence Fishbourne was on it.
    House – love this show and i was disapointed on how last season went and pissed at how Lisa Edelstein was treated. I hope they close off her storyline respectfully.

    • I quit CSI around the same time the OC ended, it just seemed to always be the same. Plus, I'm a great big chicken and would get scared watching it if the husband wasn't around.I've watched bits and pieces of Big Bang theory, but the husband hates canned laughter so much that he leaves the room until I change the channel. I can sometimes get him to watch a bit of How I Met Your Mother, but that's it.

  2. I noticed that you had Vampire Diaries and Secret Cirlce … Have you ever read the books those shows were based on? I lved them have read and reread them several times!!

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