Running and Fueling

I finally made it out for a run in my new running shoes.

I swear, those guys have been sitting in my closet for nearly two weeks! Unbelievable……nearly two weeks without a run, that’s unheard of for me!

I gave my two different tapes a try today as well. I had used the RockTape on Friday when I did a bunch of walking with my cousin downtown and it made a huge difference on my shin 🙂

With all the walking and hiking we did over the weekend I noticed my IT-band was tight and sore, so I used the KenisTape a go there as it looked like it would be easier to apply than the RockTape on my IT-band.

So far so good! I could feel my shins a bit, but it wasn’t terrible and my new shoes were amazing! Much, much lighter than I’m used to and I felt really good 🙂

I had a quick smoothie after walking in the door and at 8:30 was hankering for a snack.

I didn’t want anything big, but I knew if I didn’t find something healthy I’d be diving into the cookie jar 🙂

Hardboiled egg with vegan Becel on whole wheat toast.

Iced green tea with a spash of almond milk on the side.


I found the iced green tea while picking up groceries after my run today.

(also found? chia seeds and hemp seeds! I added them to my overnight oats. I’m crossing my fingers for a successful breakfast tomorrow)


Mint iced tea and white iced tea. Perfect for an afternoon pick me up!

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