Lunching Downtown

I went grocery shopping yesterday.

I even planned my menu for this week (lots of dinners out just because that’s how the week was scheduled) and bought stuff for salads.

But – I was so tired yesterday that I didn’t even get around to making my salad.

Thankfully I was able to go to the make your own salad bar for lunch. Yummers.

Spring mix, cherry tomatoes, mushrooms, baby corn, chickpeas, pickled beets and eggs. Mmmm

I topped off my lunch with the most delicious all natural drink ever.

Only 90 calories for the whole container! No added sugar OR chemicals. Awesome!

Update and pictures from the weekend is coming, I’m pretty busy this week and will be showing my cousin around Calgary this weekend, so expect an epic post next week.

And, oh, maybe a blog header soon. I hope……… (Did you hear that, Cowboy?!)

Happy Tuesday!

A quick piece of advice. While my avocado sammy looked amazing yesterday, it’s not so amazing today. Turns out avocados give you gas. Like, wicked painful gas. Eeks.

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