Oh. So. Tired.

Apparently 8 hours of sleep over the course of two days isn’t enough. Who knew?!

I flew home at crazy ridiculous hour this morning and have been napping on and off all day. Seriously all day. As in, came home, watched True Blood, napped. Ate toast, watched Formula 1, napped. Wrote shopping list, went to the store. Ate. Crawled into bed at 6pm, napped for 45 minutes.

Now I’m attempting to watch the finale of The Bachelorette, but I think the nap might win.

Oh. So. Tired.


This is pretty much the most delicious mid-evening snack to eat in bed. Ever.

4 thoughts on “Oh. So. Tired.

  1. Yay to napping but boo to not meeting up. Sorry friend but it was a crazy weekend for us too. My dad (here from Nfld) is completely disgusted at how hot it is here (we don't have A/C). So I've been spending lots of time trying to keep him cool. lol. Did Winnipeg treat you well? This weather is killing me!

    • I totally understand! It was an absolutely INSANE weekend for me too. Just crazypants.

      Thankfully a cousin of ours has a pool so we were able to cool off in their pool (after I bought a suit because I forgot to pack mine) for the afternoon on Sunday.

      I’m sure I’ll be back to The Peg in the near-ish future!

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