Grilled Cheese and Cleaning

Important stuff first folks, grilled cheese.

Not just any grilled cheese, but the most amazing, delicious, summery grilled cheese you will ever (EVER!) taste!


Here’s what you’ll need, margarine or butter (I used vegan Becel), tomato, pesto, mozzarella and bread. The olives are my pre-dinner snack 🙂

Start by buttering the outside of the bread while your pan or grill heats up (I strongly recommend using a grill – so much crispier!)

Fold the buttered sides into one another and spread a healthy layer of pesto on one slice of bread. Make your own pesto, or do what I do and  buy freshly made pesto from your local market. Freshly made pesto is fresher and more basil-y than the jarred kind.

Look at that colour!

Slice up your ‘mater and layer on the pesto.

Top it all off with your mozzarella. I use buffalo mozzarella or larger bocchini, rather than pizza mozzarella. Bocchini normally isn’t very salty, so you may want to add some finishing salt to your sandwich. The pesto I used was salty enough (trust me, you don’t want this under-salted!)

Now, toss your sandwich on the grill and listen to it sizzle!

Close ‘er up and wait 3-5 minutes……

You don’t need a panini press – any ol’grill will do!

….snack on some olives while you wait the 3-5 minutes…

Arrange everything on the plate and enjoy!

Note that grilled cheese sandwiches must always be cut on the diagonal (I may have once told The Cowboy that he ruined my sandwich when he didn’t cut it on the diagonal!)

Is that a good lookin’ sammy, or what?!

It was SOOOOO yummy!

After fueling with the sammy (and a glass of merlot!) I tackled my bathroom.

As part of our organizational project, I knew I had to do something with my bathroom, so I got to it tonight since The Cowboy is gone for the weekend.

This is what the bathroom looked like mid-project.


You’ll be comforted to hear that I got rid of 3 garbage bags worth of stuff that hadn’t been used in ages! The Cowboy will be  so pleased to see the new bathroom when he gets home.

Check it out!

Why yes, that is a beer on the side of the tub!

Ahhhh! So much better!

Not the most eventful Friday evening, but it did need to be done!

I even finished in time to meet some friends for dessert and coffee.

Now? It’s packing time. I’m off to spend 40 hours in Winnipeg in the morning!

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