Friday Fun: The Archive of Me

If you’re wondering what’s up with the header, I did a bit of blog redesign over the weekend, but I’m still waiting on a new logo from The Cowboy. For now, please bear with me :)

Guess what?!



In honor of that, and because I’m totally in lurve with Cassie’s blog, here’s a meme for y’all.

15 Years ago (1996), I:

  1. Spent my mornings and evenings at the pool and the in between time with swimming friends
  2. Still wanted to become a vet and spent my spare time at the clinic
  3. Started showing horses

10 Years ago (2001), I:

  1. Was getting ready to fly to Winnipeg to celebrate my Oma and Opa’s 50th wedding anniversary
  2. Had just graduated from high school
  3. Registered for classes at our local community college because I had NO IDEA what I wanted to be

5 Years ago (2006), I:

  1. Took The Cowboy to Kelowna for the first time
  2. Was just starting the last year of my degree program
  3. Started looking for a job in accounting

3 Years ago (2008), I:

  1. Started up a business with The Cowboy that we’re still running successfully
  2. Visited lots and lots with my mom as she had just moved an hour away
  3. Was getting our house ready to sell as we purchased our condo earlier in the year

1 Year ago (2010), I:

  1. Received my designation!
  2. Couldn’t believe The Cowboy and I have been married for 5 years
  3. Wasn’t sure if I wanted to stay at my current job or look for a new one

Yesterday, I:

  1. Watched SYTYCD. Man! I love that show!
  2. Started making a list of what to pack for the weekend.
  3. Picked a fight with The Cowboy because I was cranky.

Today, I:

  1. Must pack and clean as we have two open houses this weekend.
  2. Have to stop at the bank to deposit our business cheques
  3. Am leaving work early because IT’S MY LAST DAY

Tomorrow, I:

  1. Will be chilling with my cousins
  2. Will be toasting to my oma and opa and 60 years of marriage
  3. Should wake up early and go for a run

In a week, I:

  1. Will be working two jobs over the weekend
  2. Hope I don’t freak out due to the amount of work I have to do
  3. Hope The Cowboy finally had my blog header done! 🙂

In one month (August 2011), I:

  1. Will finally meet Tova face to face!
  2. Want to relax and enjoy the sun as much as possible

In one year (July 2012), I:

  1. Hope that we’ve started building our house
  2. Want to still be running half marathons
  3. Hope that we own a dog

In five years (July 2016), I:

  1. Hope that we’ve started a family
  2. Want to see our photography business flourishing
  3. Want to still be blogging

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