How to: No Heat Curls

If you’re wondering what’s up with the header, I did a bit of blog redesign over the weekend, but I’m still waiting on a new logo from The Cowboy. For now, please bear with me 🙂

In last week’s style post, I had my hair curly on Friday and mentioned that I curled it in the easiest way ever!

Confession: I did not discover this myself. I actually discovered this on Pinterest!

So, props to Paper Mama for showing me an easy awesome way to do my hair!

This is especially awesome considering I shower at night and am so, so lazy in the mornings. Perfect for a lazy gal like me!

Want to see how to do it?

Head on over to Paper Mama’s blog (aka – Chelsey) for the original post and video, or, scroll down and see my version 🙂

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Some sort of styling product
  • Headband

This is the third time I’ve done these curls and I’ve used Bumble and Bumble Styling Lotion and Bumble and Bumble Styling Creme. Personally, I like the Styling Lotion the best as the hold isn’t quite as strong, which is what you want for these curls.

My headband is from Lululemon and has a silicon band on the inside to hold it in place, this is important as you’ll be sleeping on it.

First up: brush out your dry hair. Dry hair is important, if your hair is wet it won’t try overnight and you won’t have curls. If you’re using a styling product apply liberally.

Next: afix headband like so.

Then start twisting pieces of hair around the headband (the video from Chelsea’s post explains it quite well).

My bathroom has hideous lighting


All done!

Once you’ve twisted all the way around your head, crawl into bed and sleep.

I fixed the sticky out piece before bed

Once you’re awake (surprisingly, I didn’t move around a whole lot on Monday night) go about your morning routine (if your hair doesn’t like to hold curl, you may want to apply some hairspray to give it some extra hold).

Ready to do your hair? Pull out your headband! Shake hair. Apple hairspray.

Done 🙂


What kind of hair do you have?

Do you have time to style in the mornings, or do you just head on out the door?

12 thoughts on “How to: No Heat Curls

  1. My hair is SHORT. But I'm growing it out. Last haircut (every 8 weeks) I could finally do more of a bob because the sides had grown out over my ears. Now that it's the same length (except for the layers for volume) it will be easier to grow out and I might be able to go longer between haircuts and actually get some progress going.

    I love those kind of curls, but my hair won't be long enough to twist around anything for a while.

    When I left the salon my stylist had my ends all cute and flippy, but I'll be damned if I can get them to stay that way when I try to follow her directions.

  2. I have the worst hair IN THE WORLD. Nothing gives it volume. Nothing! I have uber-hold hairspray, the kind that is supposed to be strong enough to fix Jupiter, but my hair still turns into flat strings after an hour or so.
    My recent post A Birthday Note From My FIL

    • Have you tried Bumble and Bumble Thickening Shampoo and Conditioner?My friend has really limp hair with no volume and this stuff is amazing! It's pricey, but I bet if you asked nicely at a salon they'd give you a sample to try 🙂 My hair doesn't usually hold curls, so I was super amazed to see that this worked for me!

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