Stampede Round up: Chuckwagons


Has it really been a week since The Cowboy and I were at Stampede?!


I’m sure falling behind.

I think that’s because I talk a lot 😛

We started off our evening at Stampede by procuring some dinner. Burgers, fries and cesars is was! Mmmmmm.

Next we had an hour to kill before the Chuckwagons started so we checked out the heavy horse pull. The Clydesdales and Percheron’s started off by pulling 6500 pounds. Unfortunately we weren’t able to stay for the full pull, as last year the winner pulled 13,200 pounds. Crazy!

We ducked out around 8,500 pounds and then set out to procure some deep fried Oreos. In the past they’ve been really easy to find, this time? Notsomuch. We walked the and entire loop around the vendors before we found them. I was SO HAPPY to see them! AMAZING! Seriously!

Then we grabbed some diet Cokes (we *ahem* added our own rum) and grabbed our seats for the finale of the Chuckwagons. So fun!

This would be the Stagecoach that Will & Kate rode in to the BMO Centre on during their visit to Calgary earlier in the week.

After the Chuckwagons finished (Kelly Sutherland won for the twelfth time, making him the most winningest driver in the history of Stampede…..oh, and $100,000 richer) we got ready for the Grandstand Show.

We were pretty exhausted by the time the show started at 10:30, but we pushed through, and we were glad we did! The show was awesome, and the fireworks finale wasn’t bad, either!

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