The Cowboy and I live in the most AMAZING place during Stampede. Our view is fantastic and we can see the Stampede fireworks form our bed every night for 10 nights in a row.

It is so, so awesome.

When we listed our condo for sale in January I was immediately sad because I didn’t think I’d be able to partake in any Stampede activities.

Trying to sell our condo has been an absolute huge pain in the butt, but I’m thrilled to be living here for one more Stampede.

The Cowboy and I don’t have any concrete plans for Stampede this year, but we are planning on buying tickets to see the Chuckwagons on Friday and then taking in the Young Canadians Grandstand show. We had planned on going Wednesday, but after checking the weather forecast, a 70% chance of rain made us reschedule to Friday. (The rain has also derailed any plans of mine to bike to work this week as well).

I’m marking exams all weekend, so I’m determined to head over to the grounds and eat some deep fried oreos as some point this week!

We also have a PRIME view for the nightly fireworks 🙂

Check back tomorrow for a video of the fireworks!

5 thoughts on “Stampeding

  1. My friend just started to work for the stampede in marketing.

    Your view is fabulous. I really need to get to Calgary someday.

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