I was touched by Jordan Knight! (and, uhm, another NKOTB)

If I asked you to name all member of the Backstreet Boys (I’m talking all 5 from back in the day) you’d probably do something like this:





Uhm. Crap. I KNOW there’s a fifth. WHO IS IT?!

Lemme help you out here, the fifth (and no longer singing) member is Kevin.


Let’s do the same with NKOTB……





Uhm. Right, there’s totally a fifth, right?!

Once again, yes, there’s a fifth. That would be Danny.

Okay, so, all this to say I totally had to look up who possibly touched me aside from Jordan Knight.

(It wasn’t Danny, it was the other Knight brother, Johnathan, but I had to check…….)

(Sidebar: I totally got his doll as a birthday present when I turned 9. So touching him was pretty much a full circle moment [as Oprah would say] for me)

(Related: being touched by two members of NKOTB prompted me to turn to my friend and say, “I touched TWO of them! I totally win at NKOTB!” No, I’m not competitive, why do you ask?)

(Random: I just realized the Jordan Knight was my very first crush ever! And I touched him. Yeah. I totally win)

(I also very nearly touched Nick Carter AND Brian Littrell as they both used the staircase right next to our seats. Sadly, I didn’t get a good picture of the Brian encounter *sniff*)

I left my fan-girl 13 year old self out of the closet for a night and it was AWEOSME!

This concert was seriously one of the best concerts I’ve ever been to.

We had so much fun we were considering going to afterparty, but heard that only Howie was going to the afterparty. Sure, I love all BSB, but I really wanted to go to like the sweat off Nick…..and Donnie (guys! Marky Marks BROTHER!)…..and Brian…….and Jordan. So…..Howie wasn’t really doing it for me.

Confession: I’ve always been more of an N’SYNC girl than a BSB girl with JT being #1 on my list, but, uhm, after seeing Nick singing (I am sexual?! Yes, yes, Nick, I do) and dancing, all I have to say is DAYUM! JT is still #1 for me, but Nick – you.are.hawt!

However, I did buy TWO t-shirts at the concert. One is a large because the sold out of mediums, but eh, I’ll survive.

My 9 year old self is especially happy today.

Also, I’m 28 and still totally boy crazy. What? It happens.

I’m off to go download every single BSB and NKOTB album ever made!

8 thoughts on “I was touched by Jordan Knight! (and, uhm, another NKOTB)

  1. Confession: My sister and I CRIED when they started the show. I had seen NKOTB before but just being with her and experiencing it together was just so overwhelming for both of us we actually CRIED. Tears! It was one of the best shows I've been to ever too. I'm so glad you had a good time…and good seats!

    P.S. Don't tell anyone about the crying. Our secret, k? 😉

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