Stampede Parade – Will & Kate Edition

I woke up at 7am on Friday morning to meet a friend to go to the Stampede Parade.

The parade didn’t actually start until 8:55 but we wanted to be in good position to try and catch a glimpse of Will and Kate as they drove the parade route backwards before kicking off the parade.

We were lucky in that we got to see their motorcade drive by twice! They stayed at the Hyatt downtown and we were just east of the hotel. We speculated whether they were already in the pre-staging area, but as soon as we heard the motorcade sirens we knew we’d get lucky and be able to see them twice! Yippee! 🙂

As an aside, do you think it’s super awesome, or a complete pain in the ass having to travel everywhere by motorcade? We had this debate at the parade. While I think the Duke and Dutchess lead an amazing life I think being in the public eye must be completely exhausing at times. Have you ever been to a networking event and after making small talk with 20 different people you kind of want to stab yourself in the eye because in reality you don’t really care?! or is that just me?…..Anyway, I wonder if that’s how the Duke and Dutchess feel at times.

Will & Kate’s (sorry, Duke and Dutchesses) motorcade from the hotel to the parade pre-staging area


The motorcade heading back the other way so everyone else could see them!

Will’s hand and cowboy hat!

Will AND Kate’s cowboy hats!

(Unfortunately, I did not end up getting a decent picture of Kate 😦 *sniff*)

More Stampede parade and Stampede pictures to come! Had to get the most important ones up first (even though they are 4 days late!)

4 thoughts on “Stampede Parade – Will & Kate Edition

    • I wish I was able to get a better picture of Kate. Some guy who had lawn chairs felt it was necessary to stand both times they drove by. I was not impressed.

      I think their life must be totally awesome at times (I mean, if you were Kate wouldn't your mind just be completely BLOWN?!) but I wonder if they wish for normalcy at times too….

  1. So cool that you got to see that! They don't always travel by motorcade- i mean, they have their house and their private vacations where they can lead their version of normal. I just wonder what it must be like to not wory about money. Like instead of stressing over my house, or how eating out is too expensive, or how i have to go to work and save up vacation time, or cutting coupons….just to live based on what you want, not what you can afford. that, my friend, sounds utterly fantastic!

    • Yes, that is true! And her wardrobe! OMG it's amazing! I love her! And, she does grocery shop, we've seen the evidence 🙂 (although not in Lululemon, which would be MY first choice). Haha, if I were famous all the pictures would be captioned “Once again A steps out of the house in holey sweatpants. WTF is she famous for?!”

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