Weekly Wears – Playing Catch up

Since I didn’t get any of these up last few weeks, I’m just going to continue on and give y’all a HUGE post this week.

Okay, so I’m going to try you the loose blogging schedule (if, for no other reason to help me organize my thoughts a bit, I highly doubt it will be as “scheduled” as I made it sound). I have o say, I do really like the idea of posting all my weekly outfits at once – I just have to remember to take the dang pictures!

(If you missed it, you can see Monday’s outfit here)


Certainly a win compared to Monday’s outfit. This coral tank has quickly become on of my favourites. It’s awesome around the house AND looks good and work (and on job interviews)

Cami – Express

Tank – Express

Cardi – Dynamite

Capris – Dynamie

Sandals – Dolche Vita (thanks HauteLook!)

Wednesday (aka MY FRIDAY!)

Can we all agree that if one doesn’t get to work on Friday then they can wear jeans on the day that is their Friday? Because I sure would have loved to wear jeans on Wednesday.

I realize this outfit is quite similar to Tuesday’s, this is because I spent Tuesday evening cleaning, packing and talking to my sister. Read: not making my lunch and packing my clothes like I should have.

I also woke up late. This meant I grabbed what I figured would work, same pants, tank and jacket. DONE! OUTFIT!

Well. It appears mah boobies are the same size as my stomach. Interesting.

Jacket – Dynamite

Tank – Express

Capris – Dynamite

Necklace – Express

Shoes – Dolche Vita (thanks HauteLook!)

Thursday (camping day!)

Looking at all these, I feel like I wear nearly the same thing every.single.day.

Really, I don’t, I just like to be cute and comfy, and apparently, that meant all the clothes needed to be the same 🙂

There’s nothing better than sweatpants for travelling 8 hours by car!

Tank – Express

Cami – Express

Pants – Dynamite


Tuesday (again)

Also known as first day back from vacation. Ugh. It was a rough morning.

Since I was still in semi vacation mode I barely planned my lunch and barely had clothes clean and ready to go. Luckily the weather in Calgary has been awesome, so a dress made it nice and easy.

Tuesday is also “meet with Partner from old job” day to talk about getting my old job back, so I thought a dress would be fairly appropriate.

Dress – Express

Cardi – Suzy Shier

Shoes – Dolche Vita


Thursday I felt normal(ish) enough to get dressed and take a look at vehicles with The Cowboy. After we got home I agreed to go to Transformers with him instead of staking out Will & Kate (I know, I’m a good wife!). Obviously going to a movie involved an outfit change (taking cues from Kate, possibly? Also, you must check out What Kate Wore. Best website, evah!)

Top – Express

Cami – Express

Shorts – Joe

Top – Express

Cami – Express

Jeans – 7 For All Mankind

Shoes – Express

Purse – Coach

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