Daily Wears: Red

Post is a tad late today. I’ve been working my hiney off at work and suffering through some major back pain. I think I’ve narrowed down the pain to my backpack. It turns out that tossing a heavy bag on my back and then biking to work probably isn’t so good for it.

Added to the “to do” list for this weekend? Bike bags!

(If we weren’t moving way away from downtown I’d probably invest in a real road bike too, but I’m certainly not going to ride my bike 100km round trip after we move)

I’m also super pumped to announce that I do have my Lulu gear. Yippee!

I have no idea how I’m going to manage to carry home my yoga mat, but I’m sure I’ll figure something out.

Cardigan – Suzy Shier

Dress – Express

Leggings – Express

Belt – Express

Belt – Express

Watch – Micheal Kors

3 thoughts on “Daily Wears: Red

  1. Since you love shopping, will you do me a solid and just scout things out for me. My focus is on everything EXCEPT what I'm wearing, and since you are always adorable I trust your judgement. OK? Thanks.

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