Daily Wears: Watch

Yup, a non-substance post here! 🙂 Haha!

I’m wearing something new, so I had to post about it. Those are the rules, right?!

(I realize my outfit is similar to this one, but its’ not the same!)

My awesome watch finally arrived after the Beyond the Rack debacle (although, they still haven’t credited my credit card or account after sending the item back on May 16 BUT I freaking threw out my receipt with the tracking number, so I guess I’m now out a watch and $200. *sigh*) and The Cowboy and my FIL sized it for me yesterday! HOORAY!

Top – Express (similar to two I tried to exchange, but then they ran out of my size, so I probably should have kept them and dealt with the small holes instead of paying $30 to try and exchange the dang things)

Pants – Express

Shoes – Dolche Vita

Headband – Lululemon because I was lazy this morning

Necklace – Express

Watch – Michael Kors

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