Geese are Crazy!

I decided to ride my bike to work this week. The weather’s great, it’s bonus exercise because I still run and go to yoga after work and…..goslings! (also known as baby geese).

Goslings are stinking cute.

Image courtesy of Wikimedia Commons. Image by Jason Pratt

Do you know what’s not cute?!

Mama Geese.

(For all y’all Americans us Canadians drop the “Canadian” part of Canada Geese).

Those bitches be mean.

I was so sure I was going to be bit by a freaking goose on my ride to work today. I even squealed and detoured.

Terrifying y’all!

I sure hope they aren’t around when I ride home today. I may end up peeing myself.

5 thoughts on “Geese are Crazy!

  1. Just so ya know…this crazy American calls them "GEESE!" Did the parents hiss at you? Because the hissing is what's freaky! You don't expect a bird to hiss.
    My recent post Moving Day

    • This hissing and head snaking is terrifying. I made the mistake of slowing so I didn't hit them. I really should have kept my speed up. I'll see how I make out tomorrow…Sent from my iPhone

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