Daily Wears: An Unflattering Choice

Compared to my winning outfit yesterday, today’s is a bit of a failing outfit.

I didn’t really “plan” my outfit last night as I usually do (we decided to go see Bridesmaids instead!) and we were running late, so I really just grabbed a top and black pants thinking it would be okay.

The neckline of the top is definitely cute, but the elastic at the waist hits me wrong – at the widest part of the hips – accentuating what I don’t want accentuated.

I’m considering cutting the elastic on the shirt, maybe it would work better if it were flowy…

Top – Express

Cardigan – BR

Pants – Express

Bracelet – Express

Shoes – Town Shoes

3 thoughts on “Daily Wears: An Unflattering Choice

  1. Elastic on shirts annoys me. They really never do fit right. It's a super cute shirt but would definitely be more comfortable if it was loose at the bottom. Love the bracelet! The outfit isn't a fail, my dear!
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    • Being an online purchase, the elastic was not visible on the size 0 model.The outfit actually looks WAY better in the pictures than in reality. I'm still trying to figure out what to do with the elastic…

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