Daily Wears: Rainy Spring

So it seems that one week of sun is about all we can expect right now. After a totally gorgeous week, we’ve now been blessed with about 10 days of rain. Thankfully my rainboots have arrived and I’m certainly getting good use out of them!

Right now The Cowboy and I are crossing our fingers that the rain holds off on Sunday as we’re running a half marathon that day. As it is, the forecast changes daily, so I suppose we’ll just figure it out come Sunday. Yesterday it was no rain, today it’s forecasted to be a 40% chance of showers, so I’m just going to go with it 🙂

This is an outfit I bought about this time last year. I figured a dress would be appropriate for today since I’m going to an alumni event for my former employer – and the leggings are necessary because of the rain and cold.

You can’t really beat a dress that has pockets!

Bonus? This is now about a size too big – so I guess I look a little frumpy, but I’m functioning off of about 10 hours of sleep for the last two nights combined, so I can be forgiven.

To top off the commuting outfit – rainboots!

And, finally, no outfit is complete without accessories.

Today’s accessory: a new watch!

Dress – Jacob

Cardigan – Suzy Shier

Leggings – Express

Shoes – CK

Rainboots – Rampage (purchased from Beyond the Rack)

Watch – Puma (purchased from Beyond the Rack)

4 thoughts on “Daily Wears: Rainy Spring

    • I pop 'em in a little coat closet I have attached to my cube! It's perfect. Now I just have to figure out what to do with them when I'm at my “event” tonight. I forgot to bring an extra bag with me :SOne day I'll have to take a picture of my shoe drawer at work too 🙂

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