Daily Wears: I LOVE SPRING!

This week is the first week where the weather looks like it will actually be reliable. As in, not sunny one moment and raining/snowing the next. Sunny. Just sunny.


All week we have highs of 20 degrees predicted (for you Americans, that’s warm, like comfortable, oh screw it, it’s 68F [thank you iPhone]) and I am super excited!

Since it’s nice out today AND I recently shaved my legs – I oped for a very (bright) spring dress today. And I sort of did my hair. Meaning I braided it while wet and then sprayed Bumble and Bumble Surf Spray it in to try and hold the waves.

I also spoke with Beyond the Rack customer service this morning. I updated in the comments here. Hooray for resolution! 🙂

And really, what would be a post, without picture of my toe?

I wasn’t planning on running last night.

I even timed my walk home with my iPhone stopwatch so I could log calories burned on MyFitnessPal, but I was so frustrated after opening up my watch, that I took off for a run (bum toe and all).

I ended up running 5k is about 28 minutes. I think that’s probably my best 5k time ever.

I also ran past 8 cop cars and a news van. Later I find out some dude was trying to shoot a goose with a handgun.


3 thoughts on “Daily Wears: I LOVE SPRING!

    • Know what's strange? My hair dries SO NICELY in humidity. In Mexico I didn't need to blow dry it AT ALL and it dried straight. Which is very weird because my hair has wave to it. It's the strangest thing.

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